Monday, 19 January 2009

my experience about sahaj marg, an anti religious group SRCM

Hi friends, I am an Indian from Australia. I was involved with this group for about 1 to 2 years and then finally left it in 2006. I am going to express my experience about this group.
I am an open minded person and joined this group in year 2004 because of my interest in spirituality. Initially I was very happy to know that in this system there is a Guru and one can grow individually in spirituality. Meanwhile Chariji visited a local ashram (in India) on the eve of Babuji's birthday. I took my first sitting during that eve. Before sitting into the hall my cousin (he is also in this cult group) told me to wipe out 'TILAK' ( a symbol which hindus make on one's forehead during worship). I was very surprised with his demand. I didn't like it but did accordingly thiniking that there may be some reasons for that. ......Gradually I started doing practise sincerely and kept doing whatever my local preceptor told me to do. During the course of my meditative practise I came to know that these people and Chariji are strictly against religions (specifically Hinduisum). According to the talks of Chariji and behaviour of his followers one thing was manifest that anything related to Hinduism is not accepted by them and was prohibited.....
They are against everything related to hinduisum...i.e. other meditations (which take more time to bring enlightment and have goals other than enlightment according to Chariji), yoga, breathing exercises (Pranayama), idol worship or any means of worshiping the God. Even they were against the mudras which are used in traditional yoga system to achieve good health and healing....I was technically or indirectly told to leave my religion. I was feeling that I am going to change my religion or have changed it at some extent. According to Chariji other meditations lead us to achievement of supernatural powers and that is not the goal of an individual and whatever types of meditations or spiritual methods exist on the earth, MISLEAD an individual......It is the only and only his meditation (treadmarked..) method which leads us to the right goal..( mine is better than you approach) and he also claimed that he is the only capable master on this earth (selected by the mother nature) who is given the responsibility of the people of this earth....
I was quit surprised with this kind of silly statement made straight away to me. From inside I was not agreed with this statement.
I will try my level best to inform some guys who are attached with this group. My younger brother is also attached with it but I can not get him out immidiately as I am here in Australia. I told him about your community and made him go through the threads. So today he is less attached with them (does not go to satsang) but still takes sitting from his preceptor. My cousin sister was also interested in meditation so she organized some sittings with her preceptor and then she also had to move to US for further study. After arriving to US she contacted local preceptor and took some sittings. Now during this stint of time I also warned her and made her watch your community, so initially she got angry with me because she felt a flow of reiki during her first 3 sittings. So she was convinced that this system is not fake. But I told her that it can be reiki at the is not a meditation anymore and to do reiki she must not be dependent on any kind of guru. Now after sometime she ealized that people at srcm are 'pushy'. They always say the 'do this , do that, attend satsang, come to the vanue, visit your preceptor once in a week, pray to God, blah blah..." and she got sick of it. She stoped visiting preceptor and annoyed the 'compulsions' inflicted upon her......she felt that : 'one should waste his precious time after this useless activities thereby leaving other social duties and activities' this was the approach of srcm people...
so finally she stoped it. One more important aspect of srcm meditation is that one does not need to cleanse 'Chakras' i.e. root chakra, throat chakra etc. to achieve enlightment because their 'progress' happens from different path of points depicted in their books. Now anybody who has done any meditaion or breathing exercises will not be convinced by this aspect. Even I was not convinced by this bullshit. Because I was doing breathing exercises even before joining srcm and I AM DAME SURE THAT WITHOUT CLEANING ALL CHAKRAS AND TUNING THEM WITH ONE ANOTHER ONE CAN NOT GO AHEAD TOWARDS ENLIGHTMENT. That is the only path to rise one's energy. And nobody are exceptional with this funda. If he is Chariji or Swami Vivekanand or Swami Ramkrishna Paramhansa or Osho or Master Zen or Buddha or Gurdjieff or me or you or even Sage Patanjali himself.........HE HAS TO CLEAR ALL THE CHAKRAS/ENERGY POINTS TO MAKE PROGRESS. And this dude Chariji got the short cut even in the spiritual path....How bizzare...
But all these observations do not originate in the one who is totally new in the field of spirituality. And that is the case with new comers at SRCM. They can not apply logical reasoning or can not compare with their old spiritual experience because they do not have it. So they easily get impressed and think that they have got the best system and Master. I was attached with spirituality (breathing exercises)eventhough I believed what they said and fell in this trap so think about those who are very pioneer in spirituality. Even today I am feeling some emotional blocks and can not react properly sometime when it comes to worship or religious matter. And I know what is the reason behind. The preceptors trasmitt the energy (reiki more specifically) during first 3 and consecutive sittings. During these sitting they try to programme new comer mind (subconscious mind) in such a fashion that they start divert their interest towards srcm and against religion or other methods they are following. Now this will seem silly to you guys but it is a deep psychological phenomenon which very few people know about or come acress. It is easy to programme one's own mind but it is very difficult to programme the mind of other person. Now to send suggestions to the new abhyasi they start sending energy and gradually the person who is accepting this energy starts feeling soothing state of mind with very low frequency of thoughts. Now this is the state of mind in which the thoughts (filled with the energy) sent by the preceptors enter the realm of subconscious mind of that Abhayasi. Unknowingly the new abhyasi turns towards SRCM and against religion.....
This kind of sittings become frequent for a new abhyasi and the impressions about SRCM becomes deep. More of it before starting meditation or sitting you are instructed to put a thought that it is not preceptor but Chariji who is transmitting this energy. And the moment an abhyasi thinks that way he starts programming his mind that 'Master is transmitting" and he unknowingly becomes dependent on Master/Chariji. And again and again this thought become powerfull as it is told to do so even before meditation and sitting and even cleaning.....Many of you guys may be knowing that the thought we focus deeply on or we think frequently becomes reality after sometime and these people are using this technique to make a deep impression on one's can I 'believe' a person whom I have seen in the photo or have heard the talks of him? If somebody from SRCM tells you that Chariji is the 'Siddh Purush" and they expect us to be believeing even with out varifying it. They tell us to put the faith in Chariji just on the basis of their own belief on can this be possible.....we people even do not trust our friends without passing considerable amount of time after them. Once we realize that a particular friend is worth trust then and only then we put the trust in him. So we people think before trusting a friend and here at SRCM we are told to believe some one as your Guru!!!!!!!!! How is it possible....If we do so then we are 'obedient' abhyasi and if we so not then we are not good abhyasi..
I have seen consequences of getting emotionally dependent on Chariji. During a birthday celebration of Babuji I saw an abhyasi ( aged around 70) telling his misdeeds to Chariji. There were abhyasis from other places gatehred around him and was listening him. I also joined that group and listened that senior citizen. According to his talk he was very rude, proudy and indisciplined to Chariji since he joined the path. He lived many years with Chariji and was almost right hand of Chariji. But during his relationship with Chariji he did something wrong (may have gone against Chariji at some point) and Chariji removed him from his inner circle and told people not to have any emotions for him. Now while I was listening to his story one of the abhyasi told me that 'Chariji has told all abhyasis not to involve with this guy'. At that moment it strike my mind that it is not that senior citizen's fault due to which Chariji removed him from his inner circle but it must be Chariji's action to which that old abhyasi had to go against. And to get him under control Chariji must have removed him from his inner circle and told other abhyasis not to have any emotions to him. As he was emotionally dependent on Chariji he could not live normally as he was feeling isolated and deserted. But whom could he complaint against chariji? Whom could he convinence in his favour? May be hsi wife also was not supproting him as she was also zombie. So to repent for whatever he has done to Chariji, he states himself a criminal and he also states that he is shameful for his deeds but the time has gone now.........
Now after listening his story I thought that it can be me in the future or can be any of the abhyasi. And I really did not want to emotionally relay upon someone like Chariji. Chariji even does not meet anybody during his birthday celebration and people queue and wait for him as if he is a super star. I was also one of them who waited for his arrival but he even does not look at us. And I relly did not like this kind of behaviour. I felt very ignored and insulted. I am not very important person and neither I am a super star but I have a self respect and I really do not like to be ignored like this. Who the hell Chariji is? Who the hell he is to critisize Hindu and other religions. He is always comparing his tradition with hinduism and tries to prove that hinduism is not efficient to achieve enlightment. He is full of criticism and full of hate against hindu religion. One thing I have noticed that he is not speaking much against Islam. It is becasue he does not want to die...( I am not against any religion but just stating my observation)...he knows it very well that if he will speak too much against Islam, the rigid muslims will not spare him and will make his life in trouble. But he knows that Hindus are not much aggressive so he critisizes Hinduism and hindus.....


  1. interesting to see this... they claim to have modified raja yoga, but oppose the very basis on which raja yoga itself is based.

    1. Powerful stuff - I keep returning to yoga and meditation as an inspiration.
      Mindful Awareness Meditation

    2. Its 2016 guys... evolve from religion. Find your own definition of God. Stop following and repeating.

  2. I compliment you jaihind on coming out with this expose. Please keep up the good work. We must expose sahajmarg for what it is - a dangerous cult that controls mind and steals time and money of Abhyasis. I have posted a comment on shashwat's blog today analysing Chriji's speech in Kerala. You could pick it up and post it here if you want.

    1. Dear Friends,

      First of all ,i dont think you have read the literature of basics,going ahead with others opinion means that you dont have any inner strength. Real people will have real guts to face the problems and hiding somewhere and simply post bad blogs.....

      A real guts is required to practice and understand the principles......

      come and join again and attend the training programmes..........then you will understand the taste of the system

    2. I have read the material of Srcm but what Is written in the book does not reflect in Chariji's and his preceptor's attitude and behaviour.....Some how Chariji does not like hindu religion and other meditational practices and he is propagating anti religious fundamentals in the mission. Sorry if you feel bad. No hard feelings. Regards.

    3. Who is Hindu brother now a days nobody human raps happening in temple and father in church religious created by humans pls think u have common sense baby wat is know we r one teaching her don't take wrong decision n published in public

    4. Be careful to jaihind today he is against sahaj Marg before he against religion wat is your status not stardard mind person u r pls do meditation properly otherwise ur life is waste all problem come to ur life u cannot balance ur life

  3. Could you explain us what do you mean by 'reiki' ? i am french and this word is not familiar to me.
    Thanks a lot

  4. reiki is an ancient healing technique originated in japan or china. It is used to cure cronic health problems which can not be cured usin modern medicine. In this technique a reiki master (trained to give reiki) transmitts reiki (cosmic energy) on particular part of the body which is affected by pain or problem. And that healing cosmic energy removes energy blockages from that particular body part thereby reducing the pain or decease in that part. Reki can also be given on heart to remove deep impacts of sorrow and that is what being done be preceptors. They transmit reiki (they call pranahuti)on ones heart to heal it. A person taking sitting feels very soothing during these sittings. But this technique can only be used as 'healing therapy'. It cannot be used as meditation at all. And one do not have to give up his religious practise to receive or transmit reiki.

  5. jai hind,

    i am rajan. pl.reply me.


  6. jai hind,

    Below is your personal experience of this mission :
    In this technique a reiki master (trained to give reiki) transmitts reiki (cosmic energy) on particular part of the body which is affected by pain or problem. And that healing cosmic energy removes energy blockages from that particular body part thereby reducing the pain or decease in that part. Reki can also be given on heart to remove deep impacts of sorrow and that is what being done be preceptors. They transmit reiki (they call pranahuti) on ones heart to heal it. A person taking sitting feels very soothing during these sittings. But this technique can only be used as 'healing therapy'. It cannot be used as meditation at all."

    To the above, I would like to express my views as under :

    Except Babuji Maharaj and Behenji all other masters of this mission might be using the technic of Reiki . But what you call Reiki or the cosmic energy is not Transmission or the Ultimate-force. The purpose of Transmission or Ultimate-force is meant for the spiritual upliftment of the abyasi and not for any physical healing. If you experience the Real Transmission, then only, you will accept what I say as truth.

    Kindly contact Behenji once and definitely you will feel the Divine-Transmission flowing in your heart.


  7. Jaihind

    I think u did not understand SRCM properly. SRCM is neither in favor of to any religion nor against to any religion. In fact spirituality is not bound to any religion.
    SRCM will not encourage doing multiple practices like mediation as well as traditional pujas but will never insist people to restrain from anything or will never ask people to not to practice meditation in SRCM, even if they are doing traditional pujas of Hinduism. In my view doing both the practices (meditation as well as puja) is nothing but burning a candle at both ends which will not give you any output in the sense spiritual progress.
    And coming to the system; you are already preoccupied in your mind with some views how to get enlightenment and all. Nobody can help you in that aspect. I think first of all you should understand the simplicity of the shahaj marg to come out of that.
    And what I suggest you is don’t look at one or two abhyasis to decide upon the system.

    Hope you got some clarification.


  8. Sister Purnima,

    I am Rajan. I have been in SRCM Of Babuji Maharaj for the past several decades. After Babuji's Maha-samadhi 1983, slowly the mission disintegrated into several groups. Each person started his own authority on the mission, method and goal.After keenly scrutinizing the masters and authorities of the groups, I came to know that they are only after power, position and property and not for spirituality. The goal of Babuji Maharaj is to reach the ultimate condition of reality and not attaining the height of material prosperity.

    Therefore , now, one should carefully examine the masters of this mission and join them, otherwise 'like blind leading the blind both fall in the ditch' will be the result.

    So far i am concerned , Sister Saint Kasturi is only the saint in SRCM(Babuji's) who can guide the abyasis in the right path. I advice every abyasi to approach Behenji for their spiritual benefit. Regards.

  9. Hi Rajan and Purnima....first of all sorry for replying late becaue I do not have internet connections rightnow. First I would like to reply to Purnima that I spent almost 1.5 to 2 years with SRCM...that is enought time for the one who wants to understand and experience the system (any system). During that stint of time it was clear that nobody is allowed to do other meditations and 'idol worship' according to Chariji.....on the very first day of my introduction to this path I was told to wipe off my tilak from forehead as everything related to the religions was was quite rude to me....Chariji is strongly opposing religions and he is more emphesizing on Hinduism....why?? If spirituality has nothing to do with religion then why the preceptors and chriji and all other abhyasis opposing religion? Why they laugh and condemn somebody who does idoworship? May be your experiences are different then mine but I am confident on my own experiences...

  10. Hi Jai Hind,

    I read all that you wrote against Chariji. I would like to narrate my experience to you. I joined SRCM one year back. My perceptor told me that i could not practice pranayama which i had been doing for past 6-7 years. Pranayama had helped me to cure myself from high bp and sugar. I was not convinced and continued doing pranayam and told her that for me it was like medication and a way for maintaining healthy life style and she didnot comment. After a few months she had sever joint pains and ended up asking me to teach her pranayam.

    I tried to meet chariji only once and since he was busy writing a book i could not meet him. After that i never actually tried to meet him because he and babuji have clearly stated that it is not necessary to meet your guru physically . We must first be true to ourselves and we will always find the guru with us.

    I joined Omega school as a teacher in May this year and in june Chariji walked into my class and spoke to me. I really felt that I was meeting my father whom i had lost a few years back. Omega is the dream of chariji and in this school we celebrate all hindu festivals including janmashthami. So you cannot say that chariji is against hinduism. I met chariji for the second time on teachers day. He told us that it is the love that teacher bears in her heart for the children helps the children learn and not the degree or intelligence that a teacher has. On chariji's birthday lot of abhyasi teachers wanted to take leave and go to thirupur but chariji told us that duty comes first and only when you do your duties properly can you become a true abhyasi.

    I have never believed in idol worshipping because i believe that god is within each one of us and only when we look inward can we find him. I do not go to satsang regularly, i do not practice cleaning regularly but even then i consider myself to be a true abhyasi because i am true to myself. I am dedicated towards my duties and try to do my best to help others. I am here to absorb good thoughts, vibrations and messages which will help me in making myself better and this is what i found in chariji. You hold so much bitterness and doubt within your heart that you are unable to see the goodness of chariji. There were millions who despised Christ, Swami Vivekanand was poisoned, even lord Ram and Krishna had to bear the burnt of criticism so it is not amazing that there are people who feel the way you do but then it is always nice to look out for good things in people and in the world. When you are on the lookout for negativity you will always find negativity. regards priti

    1. Hi, can you please help me learn pranayam correctly so that I can also get my father rid of sugar and BP. My mail I'd is

  11. Dear Brother Jai Hind,

    First of all I feel sorry for your mental agony. You said that you are an open minded person and I hope you will be accepting my views too about SRCM and Chariji. I have been practicing SRCM for more than 10 years. I would like to tell you that before coming in to SRCM, I had practiced various other practices too. The reason why I am very much satisfied and not quiting SRCM for these years is its simplicity and freedom to its Abhyasis to think and decide.

    You said about wiping out of your TILAK. It is your cousin who told you to do that and not Chariji or someother Abhyasis who was sitting near to you. You know your cousin and your cousin knows you well and because of his freedom to you, he told like that. It is not a sin to wear a TILAK, as a matter of fact there is no virtue or sin discriminated in Sahaj Marg practice of SRCM. It was quite embarrassing to wear a TILAK in a group where people from different relegions were present. It is nothing but a simple good manners we were taught by our Parents and Teachers.

    Hinduism is not prohibited in SRCM. There are thousands of speeches available in Books and in internet given by Chariji where you can see millions of quotes given from Vedas. He often quoted the Hindu Avatars (Krishna, Rama) for their sufferings and Asuras like Hiranyakashipu and Ravana for their desires. His various examples and stories had come from Hindu myths only.

    Chariji himself lighted crackers with children during Deepavali days. He celebrated Christmas with Western Abhyasis. Whereever he is, if it is a festival time like Dhasara, Onam, Telugu New Year, he would personally visit a group of people who belong to that festival. I witnessed it so many times.

    You said, "he is the only capable master on this earth (selected by the mother nature) who is given the responsibility of the people of this earth....". Chariji never told in any of his speech that he is the Master. He always refers "Master" as his Guruji, Babuji Maharaj only. In these 10 years, I have read almost all the books and speeches of Chariji, none of them contains "I am the only capable Master etc.,". We, the abhyasis, only call him as Master, because we accept him as our spiritual guru through our experiences.

    Dear Jai Hind, it is not possible to see everyone individually when thousands of people are standing to visit him. In my experience I am telling you, when you stand in that long queue to see him with any specific profound problems or if your heart is filled with Love only, He will surely see you and speak to you. It is not He who seeks for those people to stand in that queue but Nature will turn him towards these people.

    I have full of faith that if you come now to see him, he will definitely pay attention to you.

  12. Mate,

    I was a Abhyasi and I used to wear a tilak and even when I practising I was wearing it for almost 2 years coz I was used to it. I met the Master personally and he never questioned me as to why I was having it. The other members were also quite ok and they never had any comments about me wearing a tilak. But I have seen some preceptors speaking negatively about religion but I happened to listen to a workshop where they told that regions and religious beliefs are misunderstood. I was almost surprised when I heard lot of things I knew about religion which I did not know the significance (maybe i knew 10 % or so)... I verified what was told with some scholars (my veda teacher) and confirmed that what they said was true. They told that Meditation is probably the end of all religions and this is definitely true. I have seen some more things in the system of meditation that don't appeal to me like people making a big fuss about him... He expects us to be like this ....he expects us to be like that etc etc... and I have found that the Master himself never expects anything. I have observed him for 2 years and feel that he is a Guru who can teach from his actions.

  13. Hi Brother..

    I dont know who r u? But i m writing and wasting my time to write this comment for genral people who read ur article. I m not ready to convience anyone or you. Because we cant change my life myself. Then how can we change others mind. The article given by u is not true from my experience. But i m not compelling you to believe SRCM. But dont give wrong information to others by smartway. I assure u onething u didnot do your practise even single day. Thats why u felt like this. I m also open minded person. I am openly telling u i am not going temple now. But we r not opposing or distubing anyone.

    One thing u have to realise..if u want to learn Karate you have to choose a Master..if you want learn maths you have to meet a Master..if u want to learn a language you have to meet a Master. In our life we want to learn something we need a Teacher or Guru. Like that we want to grow in our spiritual we need to have a Master.

    Simply we can blame anyone. before that we should understand them clearly. I am not compelling you to come SRCM. Because SRCM not compelling anyone to join with them. Because they wont expect anything from others. I am also Abhyasi for a year. Till now i have not given single rupee to SRCM. Atleast we need some Gratitude in our life.

    I can tell you strongly one thing you were not understand the system properly. That is your fate. SRCM not oppose anyone. Please dont spread wrong thing to others. You r giving wrong guidence to new people. I am extremely sorry to telling this. Because our moto is world should change. We are dealing with different type of people. No one ready to help or feel for other. You can see Selfishness, Hardness, Angryness, Cheating, Sexual harresment, arrogantness etc etc. Please help us to change the world. Pls.....

    I will assure you one thing if a person practise in SRCM for six month properly they wont do any negative activities i given above. If you can you try. I dont want you to depend Master. You can practise separatly.

  14. Hi brother

    I was amazed to read your posting.I feel you are quite attached to your religion.I am an Hindu . I joined Sahaj marg 10 years before. Now i feel like iam human.Sahaj marg considers every one as human not by religion. You are guided wrongly by people.Initially, after joining sahaj marg i too was suspicious about guru or system. I got convinced by inner transformation of my self. I tested my master in several ways internally and got deep conviction. After finishing my studies i was jobless for few months during which i stayed in ashram not paying a single penny. I had a very secure and comfortable life in the ashram. Still iam not giving for what iam receiving . When ever i need his support i got it at all necessary times. I don't go around him.
    For god's sake don't hear what people say. Read the teachings and follow it .Observe the change. Dare to Do it . If you have done sincerely with real spiritual quest then you the real worth will be revealed . Before sharing your views to some one test a system properly. If you neglect this and see everything with prejudice and Suspicion you will loose worthy things in life. Spirituality is internal Progress not external. I Pray for you my dear brother that you may find the real path what ever may be.

  15. Dears Brother,
    SahajMarg do not and never says to follow the rules. Leave the system if you are not interested, you are not going to get anything by exposing wrong things like this and it will not useful to you or to your spiritual growth.
    I pray almighty that you get the guru the way you like and progress in spirituality.
    I transformed 100% after joining srcm and it dependes what you are expecting.

  16. oh god...............i never expected this much of responses on my blog..............i am confused who to reply first

  17. i will find sufficient time to reply all of you guys and then will reply. Because at the moment I am stuck up with my daily life schedule........sorry about that.

  18. My Friend,

    May I suggest that you not bother responding? Many of those who responded here have created new entanglements (samskaras) on top of old ones. They believe in a Brighter World - Created by a man who woke up one day from dreaming that he was a Master and proclaimed it to the world. His subsequent visions and dreams of dead Saints and Gurus boosted his spirit to establish a reality of his own creation. A reality that revolves around him - that only exists for him. How convenient!

    Now his disciples are hopelessly entangled in this creation. His dis-embodied spirit remains entrapped in this alternate reality, powered by the will and thoughts of his living disciples. Some seek to passively receive the energy that reverberates from it. Others seek exploit it in order to take control of the passive masses. It is so real to all of them, that they cannot see anything else beyond it. Logic does not apply. Their reality is not yours. Pay no attention.

    You chose to think for yourself and follow your own heart. Good for you! Life is a precious and divine gift. It is yours to cherish every moment and live it. Let those who choose to squander their life do so. It is not your duty to save them with attempts of logical argument. The Journey you are on belongs to you and you alone. No one else can tell you what that Journey is or where it should take you.

    You felt compelled to make your statement here. I suggest you simply let it stand. Your duty is done my friend. Your Journey awaits. Continue on that Journey and cherish every moment that your heart beats and your lungs breath air. The Divine Creation that pulses through your veins is the same than exists in any self proclaimed Guru, Saint or Master. Embrace it! It is yours!

    Love and Best Regards,


  19. About my experience in Shajmarg under chariji's first sitting-Let me tell you the amazing truth that the shajmarg has liberated-every thing in this world is in memory-if you doesn't have the memory-you cannot remember ur religion,or reki or something else.So if u r publishing something
    first beware of ur mind,think how silly ur .I think atleast now u will delete this site from internet.

    Madhan Kumar

  20. DEar Brother,

    i can only tell you one thing. i am in this system from the last 24 years and found myself more loving, compassionate and caring to others. Even for you i have good feeling. Sahaj Marg teaches the real Guru is only GOD and all other are doing HIS work ( gurus). Master teaches us that the real Master resides in heart and the physical Master helps us to reestablish that connection with HIM. I have not seen a selfless person like HIM that is Chariji. There is no exploitation , demand of Guru. HIS only advise is to turn inside and seek within and there resides our real SELF ( this is true for you too ) hence in that sence we all are one because our reality is one that is what HE teaches us. PL help others do not do disservice to people. rgds Rajesh

  21. I feel really blessed by all those who have spoken up in favour of our beloved reverend Master Chariji. I have never met my beloved master, nor am I hung up about it. Master's love flows in my heart and he is always present spiritually.

    I am deeply saddened by those who have taken the negative approach and thus have lost the golden opportunity to connect with their inner, authentic being. Master is a door to it...silently...lovingly...surely. TRUST HIM

    Urmila from Canberra


  23. When a person looses his/her mind, first thing they do is to question those who choose intelligence over obedience, i read a comment from someone above which says "beware of ur mind" as if mind is something alien, well, mind is indeed alien for zombies of sahaj marg, but not for those who can think and rationalize subjects and objects from whatever is presented to them.

    zombies do not have a mind of there own, above all they hate their own mind and those who choose to use it, it is amply clear from some of the comments above

    1. What is expected from a spiritual practice is improvement in the inner self day after day or even every moment. with very much irregular practice of mine for 9 years and accepting Chariji as only a brother (just like you. very much less respect towards him even). Excellent and promising results are found by me how your nonsensical writing will be accepted? You are just misguiding the readers about Chariji. He never advised to accept him.He simply told that he is duty bound to his Master Babuji, to serve spiritually whom soever will come to him. I never tried for physical nearness as it is not possible with the increase in abhyasis. After 28 years of spiritual practice in his guidance, Chariji is no more my brother.I have seen him as a doctor,father and now he is everything for me.
      Brother,Have mercy on your brothers and Please stop spreading your disease .

    every body has freedom to express their views. but it is the responsibility of the person to study the matter carefully and express views. a good number of comments in favour and against are posted, jaihind may read that also.
    However, what i wish pointed out is in your contentions about chakras. first of all, i request you to please read the book "reality at dawn" written by Rev. Babuji master himself. Chakras and the need of removing (rather crossig) them for spiritual progress is mentioned in it.
    Why Rev. Chariji Master is not describing is because by following the system correctly, one will cross the chakras without knowing him(her)self. This is similar to - a passenger in a vehicle need no knowledge of controlling it, but the 'driver' should and he will take care of it. With good expert driver who know the destination will take you to the destination safe and fast.
    Master clearly states that He will help 'abhasis' to cross chakras, without his/her knowledge.
    And one question, By practising religious rituals how many chakras have you crossed so far and what is your experience.
    My feeling is that peoples like me or you are unable to judge these king spiritual things.
    also i recommend you to read literature by SWAMI VIVEKANANDA
    May my Master Bless you. Thank U

  25. Thank you so much for sharing this. It really helps explain my encounters on FB with one of the devotees of this cult. I won't go into it in detail, but this person seemed like a programed zombie in the way she communicated. I finally had to let her know that I was unfriending her as our views were incompatible and she was continually trying to force hers on me. Scary. She kept telling me that she could feel negative energy coming from me, and all I can say is thank God for that!!

  26. did the right thing. We better stay away from this cult. Never interact with them on FB as well. They indirectly try to be pushy and lean you to do certain things which proves that they are not genuine spiritual people.

  27. @this is wonderful.....Buddy I understand your view point thoroughly. First of all I would like to clear one thing that I don't have any chakras penitrated/activated so far, because it is not child's play. Religious practices (i.e. mantra chanting....not worship and Bhajans)don't directly focus on chakras but many other points of the body. One can do Mahamritunjay mantra / Gayatri mantra to achieve the same thing (enlightment)but the journey will become very long.
    If sahaj meditation is the right path then why chariji is prohibiting other practiceses like Breathing exercises and other kind of meditations??? I have done some meditations of Osho. Nobody asked me to stop religious practices or breathing exercises. Why Chariji is asking to stop other practices? It is something like you are allowed to eat apple but not allowed to eat banana!!!!!! Even the group who taugh me breathing exercises did not put any kind of restrictions. Why Chariji is asking for this under one or other excuses. Doing idol worhip does not create negitivity. Lord Ram did the worship of Shiv Linga before going for war against Ravan. That was also idol worship. Did it create any negativity??? No. I understand that meditation is absolutely necessary to grow up in spirituality as only worship and mantra chanting will not help. But it certainly does not meant that one should only be allowed to follow one path only. There is 'standard' truth in the world. For me breathing exercises is the truth for me. For buddhist Zen meditation is the only truth. For Aghoris tantra sadhana is the only truth for them. One can not force to accept one particular path or truth to reach destination. Every meditation and spiritual paths are good but what matters is which one suits your need!!! And one should be given flexibility to choose one or more paths which is not given in SRCM. What will happen if you force a buddhist to do sahaj meditation?? He will never fit into your system as he needs zen/buddhist meditions as well and will never reach his destination.

  28. @this is wonderful.....Another facts about SRCM, Why Chariji is always comparing Hindu religion with SRCM meditation? In his speeches he literally criticizes hinduism. Why so? Hinduism has given us flexibility to follow whatever path we want and why Chariji is not giving this flexibility to abhyasis? Why SRCM people claim that Chriji is the only selected representative of the nature!!!!!Did nature give him a certificate that he is the only one to take care of nature?? By claiming him to be the sole representative of the nature you people are insulting other Siddhpurushas in the world who are really taking care of the world. Go to Himalayas or Girnar and try to find some siddhpurushas as these are the places where you can find some siddhpurusha and then you people will come to know that how siddhpurusha are like (if you are lucky). I am lucky that during my spiritual journey I got a chance to meet a disiple of one siddhpurusha and that is why I have a little bit of glimpse about real siddhpurushas and their capabilities. Only one person can not be the representative of the nature. If such is the case then Lord Dattatreya, nava (9) nath and other siddhpurusha will get a chance to be the one but Chariji. Sorry if you feel bad but I am not trying to hurt you feelings. I am only tring to explain the fact.

    1. Hello brother,
      Let me tell you 1 thing.. where religion ends, there spirituality begins.. chariji mostly talking about this thing be couse people lyk you can understand the difference.. sahajmarg is way of lyf and way of lyf should b one only.. dets y chariji says not to do other things.. in sahajmarg, all things have some meaning.. meditation for connect yourself to 'HIM' clining to erase your sanskaras.. constant rememberns is nothing but bhakti.. what mira done.. jiye unki yad me aur mare unki yad me.. even everyn8 9 p.m. we pray for universal peace... our prayer starts with ''o master'' where master s only mean to god...
      Dear brother, u should ask other be4 posting this block.. u got all answers.. nyway I feel so lucky det I m abhyasi of sahajmarg.. I will pray god to let u understand realiity..

  29. @ DR SURENDRA........I would like to thank those who preyed for me. I read the book by Babuji and I have put my genuine efforts and time in practicing, understanding the system. I emphasize more on my experience rather than the docterine in the book. I totally agree with you that Samsakaras can create illusions before mind and under the influence of such samskaras one can make wrong observations. But I have ability/intellect to go through these samskaras atleast to judge the system and my experiences. I always follow my intutions and intutions are always free from the sanskaras and always right. Intutions are always right. I give you and example. You might have come across some situations where your eyes and mind say that everything is alright but you deeply feel inside that something is wrong. Something is wrong that you can not see but feel inside. I felt the same kind of feelings when I was in SRCM. There are good people out there in SRCM but overall attitude of the SRCM group is totally reproachfull. Hope you understand. Regards.

  30. @this is wonderful.......In my first reply to you please read "no standard truth" instead of 'standard truth'...I missed 'NO" infront of standart truth. Sorry about that.

  31. @Michael.....thank you very much brother for your warm regards and affection. I am totally agree with whatever you said. Regards.

    Jay Hind.

  32. @ Dr Surendra,

    Since you claim to be a Dr, I have an academic question for you:

    Have you considered that your very response here might itself be a blatant action resulting from your own ego/entanglements and samskara?

    What is the basis in which you feel that you can stand in judgement of anyone else's spirituality if not your own sense of spiritual inadequacy?

    I would also point out to you sir, that many of us "Blog Owners" remain in nearly constant prayer for the welfare of those involved in the SRCM. I personally choose not to stand in judgement of anyone, even those who willingly choose to remain involved, but I will defend the right of those such as Jai Hind, who choose to leave on their own accord and share their experiences with others.

    Many of these "abhyasis" whom you claim are reading our blogs to pray for us lost souls, actually reach out to some of us for support and guidance in their efforts to disengage from SRCM. I have personally witnessed individuals leaving this organization who have been severely traumatized and harmed both spiritually and mentally. Many of us "blog owners" choose to offer whatever support we can to these courageous souls and ask nothing in return - NOTHING! We do not ask for them to join another organization, or pay us money or buy our books. We don't even ask them to read or comment on our blogs!

    I have witnessed with my own eyes the relief and gratitude of former abhyasis as they become dis-entangled from the trauma they experienced within the confines of SRCM, and are finally able resume their personal spiritual journey - which is everyone's birthright!

    You might think twice before assuming the intent of the vast majority of "abhyasis" who seek out these blogs! With all due respect, you have no clue, really, now do you, sir?


  33. Michael spoke absolutely truth. There are a lot of abhyasis who feel inside that they are in a wrong group but need some motivation and people like us to give up SRCM. And I know that abhyasis read these blogs because that is what we want here. We want to let them know that they are in trouble and invoking misaries which they are not able to forsee. That is why preceptors are instructing new abhyasis 'not to discuss the system with outsiders'. Because if one abhyasi discusses this system with another person then it is quite possible the SRCM gets exposed during the discussion and he will leave SRCM. This can happen to another abhyasi as well. That is why abhyasis are not allowed to share their experiences with outsiders. Even Chariji is not allowing abhyasis to read the books by other spiritual persons i.e. Osho, Krishnamurthy, Ramkrishna Paramhansa, Buddist spiritual books. SRCM is making sure that none of abhyasis take interest in other spiritual paths but SRCM meditation only. I also pray for those who prayed for me. There are good people in SRCM I pray for them......Jay Hind.

    1. sir jai hind
      i've been many times to oshodhara(ashram)...i've read literature related to pujniye shri ramkrishna paramhansa ji...i am keener to learn about budhism..i really like it ...budhism is also a great our hindusm is great...i am a fan of Gita..and 'bhagwan shri krishna'...
      i remember swami vivekanad once told that the foundation of all religion lies in OUR SANATANA is a fact..
      i suppose...
      and dear brother i will tel u one more fact i've read many literature as i mentioned, in our ashram's library ,it is all there present for anyone to read..
      and also i practice this system with whole of my heart i've met chariji many times ...and u know one more fact he also tells many story from Getha..from Ramayana . huh!.. he never opposed to read anything...morover he advises also youth to read biography of swamiji ,paramhansji..mahatma budhaji...and all greats
      i dont love i dont hate!
      i am niether for u not against u!
      and it is not like.. there r good ppl only in srcm!...i know many brahmans ...i know many 'molwies'..better then many abhyasis ...but i even find many abhyasis better them too..
      chariji himself was a scholar he had library of his own when he was around 20...he has read english translatioon of many 'granths' since he didnt know sanskrit
      i just wanted to clarify tese things ...

      sir go on ...and on there is no end for criticism..anything can be crticised.....'Jesus christ " was hunged
      i suppose...
      with regards

    2. @last reply by keener i meant greatly...

  34. He is never against Hinduism
    he wz jst advicing u becuase tht would take u closer to sprirituality
    jst thnk over it.....

  35. When i boy of 16 years can understand this
    ehy can't u....

  36. @Vivek

    Dear Vivek, I am feeling sympathy for you. Please never mind my words but you are very young to give me the advice. You haven't seen enough in this world (especially in spirituality) yet and you are telling me that you can understand this and I can't!!!! :). You are not mature enough to understand what I am trying to say here. I am 32 years old and there is no life/spiritual experience that you, a 16 years old boy, can understand and I can't. Dear, sahaj marg is not the first path that I came across. I have done other types of meditaions and there are other spiritual paths available for any sincere truth seeker. Just try to do other meditations as well i.e Vipassana, Buddhist meditations, meditations by Osho Rajneesh, Breathing exercises by Art of living, The fourth way. By doing any of these meditaions you will atleast understand that what spirituality really feels like.......But for now just focus on your study and once you set up career, jump into spirituality (not SRCM). Best wishes.

    Jay Hind.

    1. do u even know what master says!He says pray or meditate whatever way u want to do it.just hav to focus on what u do.god is only one and only the paths are different.please stop.this is an insult to master.He says even if u pray any god-lord krishna or anybody..... and have full faith in it!It will work out!
      ITs all in ur heart!luk into it man!

    2. aise badnaam kar rahe ho aap chahe jo bhi ho!aapke bhagwan kya kehte hai ?dusro ko badnaam karo?nahi na!aapke hisaab se to u r the only intelligent person and all the preceptors and abhyasis are fools!If master was wrong or false!then he wud have published his teachings in newspapers and got loads of money!no!He never did that!And please watch "THE LIFE OF LALAJI".I m not asking you to come back to sahaj marg but please stop doing somethin like this!!

    3. Dear Ujjawal, I am totally disagree with you that Chariji tells to meditate in whatever way you want. I have been told by my local preceptor to stop any other kind of practices if I was doing it. He said that Sahaj marg system is not compatible with any other practices. I said "I am doing breathing exercises". He said" there is no need to do that now as sahaj meditation covers all aspects of breathing exercises". I left arguing with him as I knew that he is not going to agree with my experience and I know very well that SRCM meditation does not give what Pranayamas can give it to us.

    4. @Ujjawal..........if Chariji believes that the god is one and only the paths to reach him are different then why he is opposing religions (...Hindu religion in more extent). Why preceptors indirectly force new abhyasis to stop doing religious practices. What is written in the books at SRCM is different and what Chariji and his preceptors say is totally different. And that is why I spent enough time to understand SRCM with open minded approach. So I am pretty sure that my observation about Chariji and SRCM is right. Sorry hard feelings but this is the truth.

    5. Brother Jay hind, Chariji never oppose religions.. and all knows Dharm todta hai, Adhyatmikta jodti hai..
      We all abhyasis r not in SRCM for gettng some thung, v r here for becoming something.. thing is only that spirituality is next step after religion...
      I don't think that ur 'Breathing exercises' can help in ur spiritual growth..

  37. if you are really a seeker you will find your "actual path" JAI SHREE MATAJI

  38. @sunil: You are right brother. I am already on my way. Jai Mataji

  39. Bro jai hind ...
    All i found after reading your post is that u hate this system and to prove that "this system is wrong" u can go to any Range..

    3 points to say..

    1.Rev. Chariji Master never ever force anything on anyone...okay dude ..he is just trying to show us the path...Path of light..
    and there are more than lakhs of abhyasis around the globe in this .so your theroy of forcing fails here

    2.we are just ask to follow 10 simple rulz..
    simple way of living and brotherhood..

    3.Last but nt the least thanks for your open mind really shows your mentality...

    God bless u ..

  40. Rain,

    Your perspective as a practicing disciple of Parthasarathi's SRCM is pretty common and given that it is your experience, I at least accept that it is valid for you. What you seem to miss, however, is that there are thousands of individuals whose lives have been negatively impacted by this organization, its preceptors and/or its leadership. Thousands have chosen to leave. There are thousands more who remain involved only because they fear the consequences of leaving. These people DO feel forced, threatened, betrayed or traumatized. It is not a "theory" is a fact that many of have experienced first hand.

    I defend Jai Hind's blog as he presents a fair account of his experiences, different from your own for certain - Regardless, true for him. He chose to leave for his own reasons and is content with his decision. Its interesting that you have resorted to a veiled insult to his "mentality" for making his experiences public. Do you really think this was a spiritually inspired act?

    Needless to say, there are many within your organization who have found themselves in very bad situations and appreciate knowing that it is safe to leave and pursue their spiritual Journey elsewhere.

    You appear to be happy in Chari's SRCM. So stay, no one is asking you to leave. This blog is for those who might want to leave, or have already left and need to hear that others perspectives who have made that choice for themselves.

    I sincerely hope you continue to pursue your Journey with success and bliss. There is no need to defend your choice posting here!

    Best Regards,


  41. @Rain
    Dear brother, I spent genuine amount of time in understanding and practising this SRCM meditation. It was not some crash course kind of interaction with SRCM. Ok. During the time of my involvement with SRCM I have gone through the experiences which I mentioned in my blog. Based on my personal experiences, I started hating negative aspects of this system. There may be good people out there and I don't oppose or hate them but Chariji. I hate him as he is an imposter and fooling innocent people on the name of spirituality. He is indirectly criticizing other religions to make sahaj marg look batter than them. I am not going to repeat my experiences here again to disprove your claims as I don't have much time rightnow. But one thing I certainly tell you that if I really wanted to go to any range to prove this system wrong, I could have done a lot of wrong conspirational activites in SRCM. Believe me there are other ways as well to cresh Chariji's empire and to dethrone him from the position he is at now. But that is not my way. I said and shared what I felt. I counter checked my experiences on reality base and then and only then I determined to leave SRCM and created a blog against it.

    You said that Chariji is not forcing anybody for anything. Then why preceptors are indirectly or indirectly pressurizing abhyasis to quit idol worship and other spiritual/religious practices that abhyasis are involved in? I felt a silent pressure in SRCM centers against all religious. I have heard my local preceptor addressing a new abhyasi that if he continued following other systems (i.e. going to temple and worship at home) then he was wasting his time and no need to continue SRCM meditation!!!!! Joining SRCM is like a lock-in contract. One is only allowed to do SRCM related activity, rest of the activities are not allowed. My cousin is a preceptor too. He told me that once Chariji in preceptors' meeting said "my full preceptors are more powerful than Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh"......what can be impled from his statement!!!! Simple.........that SRCM is better than Hinduism......Mine is better than your.......My product is better than other products.....this is what your Chariji is showing. Got it?

    I am not new to spirituality, so that I start making statements without experiences. I was doing breathing exercises and other kind of meditation before joining SRCM and I am doing breathing exercises now as well. I have done some Osho meditations as well. I didn't like some statements given by Osho about some deities but I NEVER hated Osho for that. I never hated Buddha eventhough he opposed idolworhsip. But I certainly dislike Chariji becasue of what he is doing rightnow. I am mature and experienced enough to make a statement about what is right and what is wrong. Neither I was projudiced before joining SRCM. But now I am opposing SRCM because I don't want that other innocent people be fooled by this cult leader.

    It is obvious that you will dislike my mentality because "Stand up and fight, if you are right" that is my mentality. No hard feelings about that. If I am wrong I will not feel shy, accepting that. But if I am right then I will not shy either, expressing that. Thanks for you greeting mate. Wish you all the best for your journey to the Truth.

    Jay Hind.

  42. @Rain
    Michael's opinion is 100% right. If you don't find anything wrong with SRCM then you are free to continue with it. We are not stopping you. But there are a lot of victims in SRCM who need some motivation and support at more or less extent to come out of this group. And that is what exactly we are doing here.....providing motivation and support via internet.

    Jay Hind

  43. JaiHind.. You have totally misunderstood the system. And I think you should definitely try to know more about what you are writing, instead of just writing what you have seen in a few instances.
    Do not judge the system by what a few abhyasis tell you. And it is really very unfortunate that you weren't able to understand the system. It depends on your attitude towards the system. If you're trying to find faults with it, it'll get you nowhere. Just follow the system and don't try to judge it or the Master.
    Hope you understand. Peace.

    1. Dear jai hind

      The veracity of srcm efficacy is undisputable. I am 45 yrs old. Practising the system for the past 26 years. But the question is are we doing everything that ''we must do ?''. Higher Evolution is not a childs play !! I certainly had many higher experiences. I can say with outrageous impunity that the system is highly efficacious.

  44. First thing a really enlightened soul can not exist in material world. It is paradox. It does not need a .body to do work here. It can accomplish things inits own way.

  45. @ Jai Hind
    Sir you must be older than me...i agree with that...

    But u must respect the fact that... there are lakhs of people following sahaj marg..and it creates a bad impression on them..

    do you think..all the messges tht we are getting from Babuji Maharaj..from brighter world...all the miracles by taking chariji to all fake...
    lakhs of people following it...and handfull of people against do think that those lakhs of people following it are not..
    we are guided by a infinite power...
    n there applies Law of Attraction...its says- all depends on the ways your thought work...we are like magnets attracting everything that exist in if u think negative about something it will happen negative...if u repeatedly thing will happen...
    so it was better if u would have thought positive about SRCM...u would never ever have created this blog..u would have been a highly elevated soul..
    and you too know that god is only ONE...

    God is never against people He always helps other right
    SO why would he guide all those people wrong...people may be wrong..but god never gets angry with them he still helps them..
    ..tell me..hinduism only says that..

  46. @Vivek, I was never against SRCM at all when I joined it for the first time. I was absolutely positive like you are right now. I accepted whatever guidence given in satsung from Chariji, local preceptors and senior abhyasis. But I had my intellect and intutions living all the time. I don't say laks of people who believe in the brighter world are wrong but I would like to simply call them 'misguided'. And yes I would say the whatever Chariji says about the brighter world is totally fake and fraud. Try to read "In the search of Mireculous" and then "The fourth way" By P D Auspensky ( and G I Gurdjieff) will get an insight the what spirituality has to do with Cosmology and human psychology. And then compare what you gained with the brighter world will 100% find it silly and will have a lot of questions in your mind.

    1. @ Jai Hind....well..just tell me jai hind....wat did u get by making this blog....nothing....there are thousands of people...joining SRCM....n they are getting benefit....n i feel pity for you....well no problem one day...u will know....who was wrong and who was right.....HAPPY LIFE

  47. So many voices making claims of knowledge and veracity. Like the parrots in the trees, they repeat what they hear as if they understand it, yet it is merely noise and nonsense in the forest.

    Alas, the Soul is a beautiful mystery! Anyone who dares to claim to know its truth is either a charlatan, a parrot, or both.

    The soles, however can be used to walk away from such foolishness to follow the heart.

    I think Mr. Jai has show great wisdom in his use of his heart and soles.

    Monkey Man

  48. Thanks monkey man............regards

    Jai Hind

  49. Hey
    Sahajmarg is something beyond all these stupid discussions n justifications to satisfy one's ego. If u feel its wrong u can willingly discontinue it but no1 has got the right to discourage other people or write unnecessary stuff about it.let the people decide for themselves whatever they conclude of this system by stepping into it. Am just 20 and wat I hav learnt of sahajmarg is that I have seen my father changing into a better human being,I have seen a lot of people coming out of there bad deeds and stepping into a totally new life leaving whatever they used to do present day life instead of indulging in all the stupid materialistic worldly stuff n picking the wrong route to proceed in life ,if it directs the energy of youth in the right path and makes people change the wrong path that they follow n become a better human being, there can't be anything wrong about following this system. Talking about Hinduism then I would like to tell that the amount of knowledge chariji has about all the religions is impossible by ny person to have and he respects all religions and in each speech of his he gives examples of stuff written in geeta kuran n bible too. It depends on a person ,if he wants to see the negative side he will definitely see the darker side n if he comes with an open n a clear heart he is bound to benefit from this system.thanks

    1. i trully agree with you but india is full of poeple like who can not be treated..

  50. well i can see there is a matter of being superstitous... THERE IS A DIFFERENCE BETWEEN BEING LITERATE AND BEING EDUCATED. dude srcm never went against hindu rituals...i have been in srcm for 10 years and i m 22 now..and practicing for around 4 years..i have never heard of any one commenting like this... as you said it was your brother who didnt understand the srcm practice well..that doesnt mean the system is wrong..and about what ritual you are talking about, youngers being touching feets.well let me tell you the time has come where indians have adopted western culture in a very foolish way.indians try to become smart by saying they are modern but actually they are lowering their level by saying this. about what religion you are talking about hindu? where there exist 33 crore devtas.ah alas...
    srcm is about moving a step above all this and merge yourself in god directly. i dont have to think while cutting my nails whether it is tuesday or saturday..some foolish must have started this trend for making fun.and people like you follow(brain less).i just simply wake up, pray and do my daily activities...and too taking fast for a day and eating nothing in the name of god is the worst i can say.god never asked their child to be empty is all blind faiths that you people are following... SO STEP UP AND RISE so that you can reach god. and posting comments about any spiritual society is the worst sin that you have commited so better i will pray to god so that he may have mercy on you...

  51. Yet more souls have stepped up to judge others as sinful for speaking truthfully about their experiences. Such a responsibility! - To judge another. Does such responsibility result in the inability to sleep?

    The Spirit Forest is full of such creatures. They sing loud songs to attract others to their flock. In doing so, they drown out the quiet voices that warn of dangers that lie within. The voices of warning have always been there for those who choose to listen. Those lost in the chatter of this Cult masquerading as a Natural Path can claim years with out hearing any word about the dark underside that exists within. The truths have been spoken of for over a hundred years if one only chooses to step away from the noisy chatter and listen. Yet there is surprise and shock when they hear about such darkness in their fold.

    ...And all this talk about merging with God, as if we haven't done this already? Its like the hungry lion convincing the antelope who just ate a sumptuous meal, that he is still hungry and needs to continue eating. I fear someone is fattening their prey up for the kill!

    In the Spirit Forest where the Path is always Natural, we continue to pray that all those who have chosen to trust others to experience the wonders of Creation on their behalf, awake and immerse themselves into the Spirit Forest and embrace their birthright to experience Creation directly!

    We welcome you in your awakening!

    Monkey Man

  52. Hi,
    I only did idol worship before coming to this system, believed a lot in lord venkateshwara, but just joined the system when I was 21 , 7 years back since my mom joined. Before we never believed in any babas, we used to think how can a human be considered great and all.. But after joining the mission, now I believe master, slowly it turned to love if it is just some mystic transmission ! I won't change, I see myself , my views towards this world, my heart charging slowly and this change is in positive way, towards loving people, loving everything, loving all, loving god, loving master and I like it. Now I feel no need of praying idols, no need of all those yaar, I read speeches of vivekananda also, his paper on Hinduism in Chicago speech, he said the same thing, idol worship etc are least forms of trying to reach god, and we must not stop there, grow further, And when u start class 12 no need of again studying class 1 isn't it, u saw everything with ur ego only which is the only we should loose to see truth, now I believe and I know I m in right path, and I don't want to travel on 2 boats at same time, when I find a good doctor and completely believe and know he is good, no need to go for other, I found my spiritual master, the wonderful loving master, and no need of others, he is leading me to right path and right way, I m not practising regularly since my age is small to give me sincerity but I want to correct this too and pray my master only for this too.. It is wonderful system , and free service, feel guilt that I m not giving enough for wat I m getting.. But still I advise you to retry the mission, with a fresh mind, u ur self will feel it, sometimes our samsara as will not allow us to look towards such good missions it seems, I pray and u too pray master to get yourself get rid of those samskaras, even I stopped doing in between and again restarted an year back and feel a total new way, try again ... May master and god bless us all....

  53. My view ---It is a fantastic system, for one's improvement. As Sw. Vivekanand declared in Chicago Con. Idol puja is good but one has to gp further up.Same way S.M.--Charij explains that rituals and idol worship is like at nursery level but one has move toclass1 and up. In fact Chariji is always advising to era Gita. Shri Krshna in one of is shlock said, among all his Bhaktas best is who is Dhyani, who is practicing meditation. Tthough I am following S.M. I. am still going to templesa and do puja. My preceptor knows this and have not stopped doing puja.I have benefited a lot in S.M. I feel sorry for you May God enlighten you.

  54. Dear Brother,

    what to say..?? I am in the system from past 6 years and knew about it since I was almost a Kid. My mother was in Sahaj Marg. And I can say it without a doubt that it has been real blessing.. being in this system.

    I know sometime pushing new abhiyasis becomes odd but believe me the system is worth having faith in it. I personally think that Sahaj Marg approaches reality directly, which is formless and attribute less, rather than approaching the manifestations of reality. Please think over it. I think your all answers lie in it.

    Sahaj Marg is not against religions. When the base of system is Raj Yoga then how could it be. Please don't confuse Raj Yoga with breathing yogas.

    Please make sure that while meditating you are doing what has been told and not meditating the way you were doing earlier like controlling breath or meditating somewhere else.

    It has been clearly mentioned in the literature that balancing heart region balances all chakras. These things are not told verbally perhaps only to keep intellect away. Brother please keep intellect away. God is beyond all intellect and knowledge.

    Please don't stop your brothers and sisters from meditating. Who knows when the next opportunity will come for them.

    For any clarification you can any time talk or write to Rev. Master. Do it if possible and do write everything.

    I apologize for any inconvenience to you on behalf of all of us during your stay in mission.

    Hope to see you back.

    with regards... Anant

    1. I personally think that Sahaj Marg approaches reality directly, which is formless and attribute less, rather than approaching the manifestations of reality. Please think over it. I think your all answers lie in it.

  55. The master approached things in a divine way. We are all conditioned to our self created ego's. Brotherhood and oneness will only come through the loss of the self and exposure of the true light within.

  56. This comment has been removed by the author.

  57. Hi Mr.Author.

    Hope you are fine.

    This is Siva Anthati, from Fremont,CA,USA.
    As I was googling for the Preceptors's Directory of SRCM, the very third link which astonished me is "BEWARE OF SRCM."

    First of all have your identity available.

    If you can answer my simple questions below,
    then definetly I will agree with you. With out that dont just sit around the techies to waste your time on affecting SRCM. No one cares.

    If you are dare enough keeping the master's names into it, why cant be yours?

    Go ahead answering this,

    If not delete this post entirely! (Beware of me.!)

    > What do know about SRCM and who exactly said that the mission is against any religion? Can you specify?

    > Do any of the publications of SRCM quoted against the so called religion.?

    > Did you ever read any of the books from SRCM.? If you did, you would utter like this.

    > Do you know exactly what Rajayoga, so called Sahajmarg is? Where from it has been evolved? Who started it? and who discovered it in this era.?


    1. Mr Shiva,

      After long time I am coming back to my blog because I was busy with my professional and personal life.

      If you believe that you are comfirtable with the SRCM then you go ahead with it.....I am not stoping you. My blog is for those who are trapped inside SRCM.

      The reason I did not reveal myself is that I don't want to receive abhyasis calls or emails or personal interactions to persuade me that SRCM is a good system etc.

      I spent enough time in SRCM to understand it. So there is no doubt at I missunderstood the system.

      Try to listen Chariji's speeches you will easily figure it out that he is comparing this system with hindu religion and tries to degrade it. My older brother who is also a preceptor told me that Chariji said my full preceptors are more capable than Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh. .....what is the motive behind this ......mine is better than yours.......isn't it? My preceptor told a new abhyasi that there is no need to go to temple and if you want to continue visiting temple then stop coming is wastage of our time!!!! What does that clearly means that if you join srcm you are not allowed to follow other religious practices. If srcm meditation really has nothing to do with spirituality then why your preceptors keep checking that whether a new comer os doing other religious pracitices or not? There are hundreds of examples I can give you about this fact.

      I ha e read a couple of books of srcm and know yhe evolution of srcm very well......I never do skin deep study of any system mate.......I believe in doing doing things at 100% dediction level...that is an attitide of a true yogi.

      I know what Raj yoga, Yogasanas and breathing exercises as well as the difference between them.

      I am not going to discuss all these in detail because of the lack of the time.

      I am not affraid of anybody including you so there is no question of getting aware of you.

      SRCM is the cult group and tell Chariji and other preceptors who critize other religions, spiritual paths to stop it. And if they don't do so then tell them to beware of me.......Jay Hind.

    2. It seems your conflict is with what the preceptors say and not Chariji, Babuji, and the literature. Is that correct?

  58. This comment has been removed by the author.

  59. Well.... I have learnt reiki and many other healing practices. I have known many clear sentient people. When I sent Master's Picture to one of them, she said she felt her heart full of divine energy. She specifically said its on heart and not even heart chakra. later, I myself saw and felt the transmission coming from Master when I was just remembering him...
    Budy.. dont come to conclusions so fast. Explore more..Be practical...

  60. And as for siddhis which Master has said againt... please refer raj yoga book by vivekanda...chapter of powers... in which he says if one sticks to these powers, his spiritual journey stops..
    dont just interpret theoretically.... do it experimentally....

  61. You are not mature enough to understand the system completely and in depth. What you did was a superficial analysis of the system

    Whatever you have said here is a lie

    I am a HINDU and Practicing this path for long and it hurts to see comments like that about my Guru.

    You might not have got what you wanted from this system but calling it names shows great ignorance in your part

    Please read Gita and you may know or may not.

    But please stop spreading such falsehood and tarnishing the image of our Guru and system.

    Why don't you spend some time to do something useful for the goodness of Hinduism instead of posting such posts?

    Get well Soon.

  62. Jai Hind you left sahaj marg in 2006 right?
    And you started writing blog from 2009. Still now our brothers and sisters are replying your blog its Just because you have to understand sahaj marg correctly...

    Stop spreading wrong about SM.

  63. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Could you please post your comment again. Thanks.

  64. Jai Hind, The practice followed in Sahaj Marg is very simple.Morning meditation,Evening cleaning and night prayer meditation.If you are really interested in self/god realisation, practice it correctly and verify the results your self.In the above basic practice no where it is told that you should particularly follow Chariji. I have followed Sahaj Marg system as prescribed by Babuji,Founder President,SRCM in a very irregular manner(I have taken Chariji as a brother(with very less respect).Still then I could get the good Results in a very natural manner.(I am not advising irregular practice.)I have joined as abhyasi at the age of 17 years.Now I am aged 46 Years. Before commenting please go through the books of SRCM once again to understand the concept.From your writing it seems that you have not taken the pain of reading & understanding the SRCM literature at all. Sahaj Marg is not against any religion.Your writing itself revealing your ego, self effacement and little understanding.Do not spread your disease.

  65. Jai Hind,
    Be assured. your blog and others blogs can not mislead true aspirants.
    Though you have not revealed your identity, with the priniciple of universal brotherhood which is in its place making us to reply.Except offering sincere prayers to Master(Chariji)for your getting out of your own created problems nothing can be done by us
    With your biased mind on number of aspects you are criticising Sahaj Marg,SRCM,Chariji. If you will continue,You will remain where you are and SRCM will proceed ahead.
    Close this non sense blog which will spoil the time of your self and also of the real seekers of spirituality.

  66. Brother jai hind you are the only real abhyasi.past three years you have constant remambarance upon the master.all samskaras may be clean from you.kumar. arni.

    1. Man.....I was away from my blog for a long time due to my professional and social commitments. So I was not in constant rememberance at all.....anyway once you start working on projetcs you will constantly remember your manager than Chariji........:D

  67. Brother, it is difficult to climb a mountain but on fail with t thud to the ground.... (bad things attract u and good things are difficult to achieve..) the same thing is with you...anyways go ahead.

  68. Brother, it is difficult to clomb a mountain but on fail with t thud to the ground.... (bad things attract u and good things are difficult to achieve..) the same thing is with you...anyways go ahead.

  69. brother.. your attitude shows ur pure ignorance..srcm is not against any religion..

  70. I wanna ask Jai Hind dat which religion did Chariji wanted u to convert to after leaving Hinduism?

    1. By creating SRCM Chariji himself created another religion or cast called sahaj marg.....because Chariji and preceptors don't allow abhyasis to follow other practices whether it is religious or spiritual and that is what exactly determines the border of SRCM religion.....abhyasis are told not to invovle other kind of spiritual practices and if someone tries to do it then he/she is indirectly told that he must stop it at some stage

    2. Hello Jai, I'm a USA abhyasi, and I have never experienced any kind of discrimination that you did. I think your cousin was incorrect to tell you to wipe off the Tilak, and I do think it is incorrect for someone to tell you to leave your religion! But I have never heard Chariji say we should leave any religion.

      However it's no secret that when you join Sahaj Marg, you are advised to suspend all other meditation/chanting practices while you sincerely practice Sahaj Marg as prescribed for your first 3 months. (see my other post below)

      I don't see that as wrong, at all. Be free brother! Do what you want. But whatever you were doing before Sahaj Marg obviously wasn't satisfying your deep inner call seeing as how you were seeking for something more!

  71. You are an unconscious human. Unfoetunately you do not want to go towards self realization which is our true inner purpose. I would suggest you to read 'power of now' and 'A new earth' by ekhart tolle just in case your love for hinduism is disallowing you to go deeper and understand that being spiritual means being above religion and not against it. Develop compassion and try and stop blaming everybody around you for misguiding you and being the evil one.

  72. I hope you dont mind but i would also like to add that if you really know from within that you are spiritual then just listen to the inner voice within you which will guide you to your master. The only truth about spirituality is self realization be it through reading geeta kuran bible or following buddha or sahaj marg or just meditating daily. Whatever way you follow the more you grow spiritually the lesser you will feel the need to critisize any cult or sect or religion. You will transcend your mind which is not who you truly are. So if you are truly spiritual irrespective of whether you want to be in srcm or not you will automatically detest from getting involve in petty discussions and statements and only focus on being conscious every second without the need to demean anyone or anything. Try it and see whether you can keep your mind and its constant chattering from influencing who you truly are. Just say I AM. thats all you can realize through spirituality. God bless

    1. I am absolutly agree with you. I really liked that way you represented yourself. Thank God....there are still good people exist in SRCM. I am already walking towards my journey some means. But all sort of freedom is needed in sprituality. Without that it is impossible to grow in the spiritual world. For example, if I am an abhyasi and doing my meditation regularly. Now I want to read Osho or Krishnamurti to quench my spiritual thirst. Now what if I am told not to read the books of other masters by my preceptors? If I want to do some other meditation by Osho or Buddhist meditation then would my preceptor let me do it? The answer is no. The obvious argument that one's local preceptor represents is "just keep doing regular meditation and cleaning and take regular settings, then ou don't have to do other meditations". But he/she will never say that " ok.....go should let your interest grow". Even in meetings as well new abhyasis were told to choose either religious practise or sahaj sad.....if spirituality has nothing to do with religion then why senoir abhyasis are instructing abhyasis to stop following their religion? They are not given any freedom to continue their old practices. And that is what exactly against spirituality...."the lackmof freedom and invisible compulson to follow some standard truth/path". Anyway thanks for you blessings and compassion......keep your heart filled with love and compassion.....may ulmighty bless you........ _/\_

    2. Yes, all good points. A goal in our spiritual growth is Liberation, right? I would think one of the first things we are liberated from is from other people telling us what we should and shouldn't do! When we evolve to a certain level, our inner Self begins to give us Right advice.

      However if we want to accept a Guide who has become that which we wish to become, we can have faith in following his instructions. The problem is when prefects are carrying out Master's work but adding their own samskaras into the teachings which misleads our seekers.

      It's supposed to be a simple practice which cuts through the complexities and bullshit of life, taking us directly to the heart of hearts within us.

  73. Dear friend,Actually i never met Chariji.
    I know only "Ram Chandra" (Babuji)
    Whatever you have shown here is like when we take a chocolate from child or we tell him to eat no more chocolates he/she is being angry. Because chocolate is favorite for child. but he never knows that this can spoil is teeth and health also. only mom knows how to treat the child. She cares about him/her. so she stopping him to do that which is not useful in life.
    As well as our Master BABUJI Maharaj not saying to leave anything/any religion/any pooja. "Babuji" says that if we meditate from heart after some days automatically will not like to put tilak or recite any mantras or any physically poojas.

    we will get to know real natural path that our
    "Shri RAM" followed thousands of years ago.

    whatever you shown here the Mudras of meditations that all are for physical health. We are in Sahaj Marg for "DIvine power"

    Divine power of 'Babuji' may bless you and turn you to the guruji Ram Chandra.

  74. In regards to the idea that one should not participate in other types of meditations or religions while doing Sahaj Marg:

    First off, let me clarify that one is always free to do what they want, yet it is said when you decide to take up Sahaj Marg, try it for 3 months without doing any other practice so as to get a clear judgement of the effects of the Sahaj Marg meditation. After 3 months, if you feel it benefits you then continue to practice sincerely, and if not, then at least you gave it 3 months to say it's not for you.

    One problem I see is some abhyasis and some prefects don't entirely understand the system themselves and therefor give harmful advice to new people. Such is the case when you were told to wipe off the Tilak, or when people are told to leave their religion. This is wrong advice. When embarking on evolution to higher consciousness, towards Realization, one will experience the surrendering to even the idea of being a Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, etc. What you are is beyond religion, and this is what Master always talks about. "The end of religion is the beginning of spirituality", but even spirituality has an end too, because the Goal lies beyond this, "the end of spirituality is the beginning of Reality". So even our spiritual practice is simply a tool that when utilized properly will bring us closer to our goal. From my study and practice of Sahaj Marg meditation it is clear to me that the Masters advocate this system as an effective system, but not the only system, and not a system to be worshiped. Nor should we worship the Masters, because they, simply put, have become that which we are to become.

    Secondly. Besides accurately judging the system for what it is by not doing multiple practices at once, there is another good reason for doing Sahaj Marg only. This reason is that the Meditation prescripes thinking continuously about ONE THING. We meditate on Divine Light present in the heart. As you know, having done this yourself, it is sometimes difficult because we have a thousand thoughts that we want to think, so to hold our attention on one sublte, pure thought, often gets interrupted. By thinking on one thing, all our power flows into one stream and does not get divided or interrupted, over the course of 1 hour. So if we want to combine practices, we are not effectively gaining the benefits of the meditation, nor fully gaining the benefit of the other one you are trying to combine. It's like trying to walk and run at the same time, it's not possible.

  75. Having lived long enough to have personally known, Babuji, Chariji, Babuji's Sons, Ragavendra Rao, SA Sarnad, not to mention one of the last surviving associates of Lalaji who died recently at the age of 103, I am going to comment here to the many folks posting here, claiming to "know" about the system of Sahaj Marg, offering their advice and wisdom to Jai Hind for simply documenting HIS experience.

    1. Sahaj Marg is not part of Lalaji's legacy. Lalaji encouraged a multitude of spiritually inspired people, without creating exclusivity or claiming to be the "only path" to some elusive goal. Babuji, after meeting Lalaji only a few times, and a decade after his death, claimed his exclusive successorship. Yet Sahaj Marg bears little resemblance to what Lalaji taught.

    2. "The Goal" everyone is clamoring to acheive in SRCM is a falsity! There is no Goal, no elusive "Brighter World". There is only an Infinite Journey that lays before you and always has laid before you! You can choose to languish in starry eyed trances around the words of a self proclaimed (and dead) gurus, or embark upon the Journey that is yours, and yours alone to travel. Even your revered Babuji hinted about this when he said, " Its as simple as turning ones head from here to here"...

    3. For whatever reason Babuji created this SRCM system, the result is multitude of charlatans and opportunistic family members claiming to be his successors, representatives, holders of his legacy, or, worst of all, directly communicating with him from the dead.

    SRCM blatantly claims to be the exclusive means for humanity to achieve the highest "Goal" possible for human beings. Such claims deserve scrutiny. Call it "judging the system" if you'd like. HOWEVER, such claims go against ALL that true Spirituality represents. Yet, SRCM members feel free to judge anyone who might speak up about it. Even I have been called an "Enemy of Spirituality" by SRCM for speaking the truth on behalf of a much larger and more ancient spiritual legacy that SRCM ever will be! Jai Hind seems to be bearing the brunt of it from posters, who display little or no direct knowledge of the very foundations of the organization and system they defend.

    I truly hope and pray that those of you who have posted here are ultimately blessed with the ability, through whatever means, to see the Infinite Journey that has always awaited you - A Journey where a direct relationship with Creation/Creator is your birthright!



  76. Jai Hindh,

    i think u didnt understand the 10 maxims and your egos doesnt let u to realize Truth and evolution of the human being at this generation. and you are not directly related to raise of your thoughts. The mistake is because that person one told you to erase your thilak. He doesnt know that how to handle the new abhyasis and how to teach them on new sessions. The thing which was turned you to get that feel is that your anger. A human mind is so difficult to realize the truth once the mind got filled by negative things. Once the negative thing entered the mind, what ever the positives are looks like only negatives.The master is not against on Hindu religion, He was a Hindu so can able to give a examples by his close experiences only. and one more thing is that the only Hindus are doing their religious things without understanding the concept and uses. they simply doing poojas for the sake selfishness and to become problem human beings. One thing you should remember is that "first impression is best impression". You experienced a bad experience at firs time, thats the main reason for all your thoughts. So simple route to get good solutions in life is that Dont search for solutions, you wont get navigation for that, so always search reasons for your problems or thoughts, the reasons itself has the solutions. for reasons simply ask why why why 5 times u will get the reasons with solutions.

  77. Hai jai,

    Am an Abhyasi from last 8 years and my parents are from 20 years. Can a give a silly example to u on srcm.

    On the day when to gone to Australia u are very hungry and you don't know any body from that place. What will you do by Ur self you will search for the food. Lets go to a restaurant ask the barer what is good to eat what he will offer the best item of his place u liked it a lot but ur still hungry now you will try to order some thing. The person will bring it unexpectedly it was not good what it means "If the item is not good why it is placed in his menu because you are not aware of that taste or item. And order the same item some where else there it may be very good now what it means the previous hotel where u ate is not prepare the item good". In this situation how can you judge which is right and which is wrong so don't take the decisions on a single experience or any thing. As a guy if u want to get a six pack obviously you have to follow ur trainer and have to blame it after certain period if you have not get any result. instead of that a previous student told me that the trainer is not good he is judgmental means have you seen that guy personally what happened when was trained he may be food habituated or his body is not that capable any thing it may be. So please understand the system properly practice it as it was explained if you want to check do the things at your home personally with out going to the ashram or preceptor and check in any odf the way that the master/Chariji/Babuji/Lalaji is that much capable or not.

  78. This organisation has taken shape by the ashirwad of the great guru Param sant Ramchandra ji urf lalaji maharaj of fatehgarh,who left the world in 1957.He himself was blessed by great saint Rev Fazal ahmad khan sahab of kayamganj, who was a great sufi saint of Naqushabandiya order,and who selected Mahatma Ramchandra ji (of Fatehgarh)also known Lalaji Maharaj, inspite of all opposition of muslim community, as his successor.There was no hindu muslim type of feeling with him.This order runs from him.After Lalaji Maharaj he had two successors, as in this system of sufism there is a typical way of delegating power-called izzazat Tamma, a written declaration.These were Mahatma Brijmohan ji sahab, the successor and Mahatma Sri krishna lalji (his very beloved sishya , of sikandarabad.There were other disciples also like param sant Dr shyamlaji sahab(also known as Babuji sahab of gaziabad), Ramsinghji, Mahatma Chaturbujh sahay sahab, Mahatma Ramchandra ji of sahajahan pur(Babuji, as he is termed and is the head, the grand master, of the branch of Sahaj yog of whose mention is there in the comment).This sytem is very serious and involves bhakti towards guru,a purest form as defined by Lalaji maharaj. He never ordered removal of any Hindu practices, philosophies.Later on some zealous approaches,as in Sahaj Yog , took such type of turn as not to accept any other system in their domain of pooja.

  79. You are totally wrong, removing Tilak, and talking about religions. First of all please understand that religions are man made, Real god had not talked about religions or he created it. You need a spiritual enlightenment to understand the heavenly secrets.

  80. Read Anurag Sagar (3 parts) by great Sant Lord Kabir Ji. You will understand this entire Maya.

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  82. Oh "Lost Soul"...May Master Bless You..I shall pray for you.

  83. I was a member of Sahaj Marg from 1974 to 1984 so I received pranahuti from both Ram Chandra Ji and from Chariji, before life took me in a different direction. I still feel immensely grateful for what I learned and what I received, and I think that your post and outlook on life is ruled by fear and that you expressed yourself as if you and others were the helpless victims of Sahaj Marg, life in general and God in particular. I hope that one day you will be able to hear your heart instead of your fearful head.

  84. Hai Jaihind ji,
    1. All the things u have stated is showing your EGO...
    2. Where the EGO ends only the spirituality begins...
    3. Guru is a guide to achieve our goals... spirituality is a journey which we have to believe guru unanimously..
    4. I think u r not understood the system properly... Religion is a vehicle which will takes very nearer to our destiny(i.e. God).. if already u found one vehicle(Guru) to carry your destiny.. then what is the necessity for the second one... i.e If we found one guru we have to believe him properly then only things will move up...
    5. The preceptors also human.. may be some body misguided you...
    6.In Sahaj Marg never tells forcible bonds... if u like wearing or not wearing tilaka is not a big issue..
    7. Meditation on some thing will definitely strengthens the power of object.. if u r having misconception on the system better to understand or leave.. but don't misguide the people...
    I am sorry Jai Hind garu.. U are entirely mis-guided, misconcepted..... unlucky guy...Don't feel better luck for next time...

  85. Dear Brothers & Sisters it is very difficult to create a system but easy to critisise by doing this you were blocking the way for yourself & others may you come out of that maya do your duty well Thy will help you.please stop this comments if possible remove this page pleas

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    1. Hi Everyone,
      My spiritual aspirations led me to Sahaj Marg, which I have been practicing for 15 years. Sahaj Marg meditation practice changed my life in a very profound way. It gave it an immortal goal and deep meaning by filling it with divine love. For that, I am ever grateful to my revered spiritual guide! If you asked what an immortal goal is, I would say - the one that exists here and now and beyond life and death as we know them. It's hard to explain, but you can experience this state of existence during meditation. It changed my approach to life and the way I look at events and became a constant source of joy, contentment and inner strength, which no material pursuit was ever able to give me. The sense of lightness, peace and inner freedom are beyond words and can only be verified by your own experiment. If you feel the need to rise above the material aspect of life, this method can answer it. Sahaj Marg means "Natural Path" on Sanskrit language. It is simplified and refined form of Raja Yoga, suitable for the contemporary life. In this system you are free to advance as per the inner call of your own heart and no one compels you to do anything against your will. Master is there only to guide us, remove the impediments on our way and transmit his spiritual wealth to us in the form of divine energy.There is no external worship, special postures, mantras, chants or rituals. We only experience divinity in the silence of our own hearts. Sahaj Marg is the way of the divine light and love. The practice is free of charge and open to all 18+ years old. It has nothing to do with religion or occultism and is good for everyone, as it addresses a universal goal - oneness with God in the human heart. For that the help of a living guide is indispensable. Managing to spare time for reflection and deep meditation is essential for achieving balance in today's hectic lifestyle. Our practice simplifies and balances our life and brings an attitude of universal love and compassion.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. There is a misconception, that because in Sahaj Marg there is a guide called Master we automatically assume the position of slaves, brainwashed by him to obey him. People who think like that come to the "logical" conclusion that Sahaj Marg is a cult. To them meditation is a foolish activity, waste of time and self-deception, because there is no immediate visible and perceivable effect from it. The negative approach to reality is the biggest self-deception. It stops further expansion to higher consciousness by keeping us pinned down to a narrow frame of mind. Master's field of spiritual action is in the subtle inner workings of the human being escaping observation. It takes time for the effect of his work to percolate down to the grosser level of existence which we are conscious of. The spiritual guide is called Master, because he mastered himself with the help of his guide and is appointed by him to train others to master themselves. The obedience he teaches is to our inner self which aspires for freedom from the chains of the desires and other mental complexities. Master cleans and strengthens our soul, so we can better perceive it's inner guidance. As far as the brainwashing is concerned it is more appropriate to call it heart washing, because it is a part of Master's and our work. All accumulations of guilt, fear and other mental grossness is washed away, so that love can freely shine and manifest itself in this word, which is in a dire need for it.

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  88. Oops nearly few hours went reading this blog and comments. One thing I have observed here is mr.jai hind thanks for his supporters and he didnt even tried to analyse the truth. according to mr.jai hind's vision people who have supported sahaj marg are entangled and he thinks they are trying to brain wash him. The real fact is that they all are trying to explain the truth because no others should mislead with this post. I am not here to praise sahaj marg coz already severals here have posted the reality of life but it is all like blowing trumpet in deaf man's ear. Sorry if my statements or rude.I have no intention in hurting anyone and none of the true abhyasis would do this.You yourself could have seen how humble they were in their comments and they don't want to hurt you too.. all they want you to understand and come out of the ignorance you are in. One more thing I want to point out is many of your supporters have said whatever you have mentioned in this post are true,something like 100% true and all, I certainly dont know how come without any knowledge you could state these..IMHO try to understand everything before you are in.. according to me none of your statements are true, these all shows your ignorance. And the statements you have mentioned in blogs like "who the hell" and so many is really painful to read..before you could write this big blog you could have taken some time conversing with any abhyasis and could have known the truth of life. Any how sorry for everything. Hope you will understand soon .May master bless you .

  89. Br. Jai hind , do the right thing to humanity not for religion - what u know about religion. Stop this use less talks.

    1. Br . jai hind , first put the photo in u r blogger ( show the original face ) which u have.

  90. As Shakespeare said, “There is no good or there is no bad”. Our thinking makes it good or bad. If I ask good person” Is robbery a good thing?” The good person says “no it is bad thing” If I ask thief the same question, the thief says “It is good thing”. What is the difference? The event is same but the answer is different. So, when the person dominates with bad thoughts even good thing also he thinks bad. So balance is important. Nature tries to balance the spiritual and material systems in balance. All these spiritual systems are helping humanity for balance inner self and outer self. If the person is cult they look bad things in every human being and reflect his tendencies. If all the bad things dominate in the mind then nature gives an opportunity to balance the system. If the person is sensitive, realization takes place and approach the GURU for help. Because of your tendencies, you are focusing these kinds of activities. It is nothing to do with Sahaj Marg or any other system. The problem is with in you. Other people are trying to help you to balance your thoughts. The change has to come from inner core of the heart. Forgot all these chakras etc.. Even GOD sitting with you and guide you there would be no help unless you change your inner self. MR.Jai hind, if any person reads “Shakespeare” quote said above, they definitely think that you are the “CULPRIT” not the system or guru. You already created negative environment around you. If anybody reads your article the negative energy created by the person reaches to you easily because you are ready for that. I am talking about reality here and that is nature law. You have already started experiencing result of this negative energy for last two and half months with your health and family challenges. I hope this would help you to realize yourself.

  91. People practising sahaj marg can you please tell the benefits of meditating.
    Have become good at what you do?
    Ate you able to concentrate more?
    Have your studies improved?
    Did meditation help you in your success?

  92. Read the book ny chariji on babuji for his experience for true knowledge about the system.My father has been a practioner since babuji's time and one thing I can say is he was totally selfless ,devoted to his abhyasis ,caring as a mother and loving....and he didnot live in any mansion or big bunglow he was a humble man.You need to know more about the people's background before spreading this rumour.
    Sorry I am not a good writer otherwise cud have written more.And they dont ask you to change or giveup religious practises that a BIG LIE.All they say is that only following rituals or daily pooja activities like burning incese etc without working from the heart is not going to take you anywhere .I know those who love to do this daily chores without having any change of heart on the other hand I have seen abhyasis who may not be following all this but stil are so humble generous ,brotherly towards other human beings.I think if you can have these virtues without going to temples than it is great,rather than going being rude and unloving for GOD is inside all of us.

  93. Whoever has created this blog THANK YOU for spreading the truth to the world. I admit that SRCM is an anti-religious organisation playing with people’s mind. This organisation is formed just recently in 1945 but the RELIGION is since birth of this world. This is completely ignored and forgotten by SRCM and they insult religion by covering up with spirituality?

    SRCM says, religion is all about doing chores, puja and prayers etc. but they don't understand the fact that Religion comes from GOD and spirituality is Form of GOD in light. When they don't believe religion which comes from GOD, where is this spirituality coming from? They are hypocrites, wolves in a sheep's clothing. Do not fall in their traps. GOD will not forgive you in this life and even after the death.

    I'm an open minded person who believes that GOD is one. I have been to this organisation few times thinking that they teach about GOD in the same way like Muslim's, Christianity, and Hinduism, but I was shocked to find that this person Mr Chari and Babuji has copied everything from all the three religions and erased the word GOD from them and added Spirituality to it and started to teach everything as if it’s their own teaching, but if you hear them hard you know that it’s from bible, Quran, and Bhagavad-Gita. As you have not read these you don’t find that it’s been copied and you find them interesting.

    Simple example SRCM celebrates Babuji, and Chariji birthday’s every year like a festival same like Christmas JESUS Christ birthday and Krishna Janmastami , Lord Krishna’s birthday, Who are these people are they GOD?? If they are true people and not after fame at least they should have taught to their people that we are not GOD. Please do not insult GOD by celebrating our birthday’s like festivals.
    I'm impressed that this Babuji, Chariji has read all these Holy Scriptures Bible, Quran and Bhagavad-Gita many times to copy from it. ;-) ;-).

    Wake up people, at least know the truth now that GOD is the supreme power and none in this world is greater than GOD. Stop praying Chariji, babuji, they are humans, stop believing these people as GOD and stop worshipping this Babuji, Chariji as GOD. It’s an insult to GOD if you do this.

    People living abroad in US, UK, Europe Australia, New Zealand etc., I'm sorry to say that you are also one among those people who believe this Chariji, Babuji SRCM mission?? How can you?? . You are born in a Christian country where you are taught about JESUS and GOD since your birth. It’s like you forget your own mother and call and believe other women as your mother. It’s a great Insult to your MOTHER and nation!

    I'm sure even though you are born in a Christian country, you have not read Bible yet, hence you are attracted to others teachings like SRCM and sticking on to them. You are insulting your own parents by following SRCM. Please do NOT be a disgrace to your family.

    I understand people who are troubled in life look for finding peace (temporarily), but this is not the solution, troubles comes to all and GOD will not give you troubles more than what a person can take. So just TRUST GOD, not these humans who are anti GOD and anti-religion who just try to teach so called spirituality for their fame ignoring GOD completely and says babuji, chariji all the time and make you worship them by the name of spirituality.

    Do not travel thousands of miles and spend lot of money to visit SRCM in India to see these people. Stay where you are and just pray to GOD and see what GOD does for you as GOD is within you as light.


    When someone ignores you how do you feel?? It’s the same with GOD TOO….

    I’m sure SRCM missionary people will come up with some backing up comments for this post do not trust them, they do not want you to believe GOD so they will brain wash you to retain.


  94. chariji ki babujiki unnantha gnanam ledhu ithanu ready cheyyabaddadu babuji natural person kabatti meeru babuji rasina books chadivithe sahaja margam ante yemito adhi yendhuku prakruthi sthapinchindho spastamga thelusthundhi annitiki karanam ahamkaram idhe maya spirituality ki badha sathruvu aham adhi kramasthithilo unte vasthavam ardhamouthundhi chariji aham ga matladuthadu adhi pattinchukokudadhu manam yendhuku cheramu dhani meedha manasu undali mathanni spirituality loki thechindhi meeru igo hurt ayindhi meeku dhaniki sahja marganni thappu pattadam yenthavaraku samanjasam kabatti sodhara meere kadhu andharu igo barina padi dhaninunchi bayatapadithe vasthavam thelusthundhi prajallo unde chedda lakshanam meditation chesevallu athithamaina vallu anukuntaru vallalo mistakes kanipetti vimarsisthuntaru sodhara vallu manushule mahathmulu kadhu kramamga vikasam chendhutharu manamthondarapadi judgement cheyyakudadhu jeevitham antha vidhimeedha adharapadi untundhi vidhi yela yerpadindhi gatha janma jeevinchinadanni batti ante manishi prakruthi sidham ga jeevisthe gatham pothundhi gnanam kaluguthundhi inka thappulu cheyyadu apudu spiritual journey jaragathadhi kabatti idhi bahyaniki ardhamayye vishayam kadhu

  95. I was trapped in a false dowry case by a so called abhyasi of the mission

    Right after marriage, on the very first day I overheard by mother-in-law telling my wife, to bring me under her control. Although I felt bad but ignored it thinking its just a mother to daughter thing and she must have meant it in a good way. Soon after marriage we both went back to US. Over there, soon my wife started making weird demands like, I should buy her parent’s a house and then gift it to them, I should gift a car to her sister who herself was working in a reputed IT firm, etc. Not abiding to such demands would make her violent – she used to repeatedly hit me, tear off my clothes, throw things at me, etc All such demands made me realize that the family is continuously after money and hardly has any respect for me as a person.

  96. I attended for the first time of my LIFE of SRCM the first dialogue from a preceptor was what religion are you from, when I said I am a vyshnava and believe in krsna and his bajans to connect to him, the preceptors immediate answer was Krsna dosent like NOISE STOP IT IMMEDIATELY, I was taken a back from the answer and what a mind set these cult people have and never went for any sittings.

    After some days I had been to chennai for some work and also went with a friend who is an abhyasi to Main SRCM ashram at lunch time, the moment they found I was not an abhyasi they refused to provide food inspite of me paying for that FOOD, I was shocked to my nerve who COULD REFUSE TO FEED AN HUNGRY HUMAN/ANIMAL WHEN YOU ARE AT THAT TIME OF LUNCH, NO ONE GOES TO ASHRAM FOR JUST FOOD BUT CO INCIDENTALLY I WAS THERE BUT WAS REFUSED TO FEED ME AND LATER I HAD MY LUNCH IN AN HOTEL.









  99. Please brother, i feel you have not practice regularly meditation. i am doing from last 18 yrs. i have felt immense changes in my inner condition. Please practice regularly and come to conclusion or before prejudice for any ashram.

  100. I have a question. After you join why do they ask you to write your personal information on a piece of paper, things like your name, date and time of birth? What do they do with that?

  101. Dear jai hind i too not 100% sure of brighter world's messages,
    perceptors do ask not to worship any god.
    On one side chari ji says God can not hear and despite of that He says ask soory for your sin assuming God infront of u at bed time.
    I am literally confused what to do

  102. This comment has been removed by the author.

  103. Hello I practice meditation according to Sahaj Marg since 1988 so almost 30 years. I am extremely pleased with the gradual changes that are made in me through meditation. I feel unconditional love and people around me tell me that I am very sympathetic to all those I meet. I think this practice is very good. It may be that for the other, other paths is best for them. why not. It's like any practice and the more you do the better you can do, meditation is the path besides all the sages of the great religions have meditated as to reach God. And unconditional love to also grow in them. it is the way of love, Sahaj Marg is also a path that allows you to grow love in itself. Thank you

  104. Dear brother, I read with your riding experience about Sahaj Marg meditation and experiences that you have lived within our meditation group. I would like to meet you and also bring my experience. I'll introduce myself, I am Abhysi since 1988 (28 years) and my practice puja with as much sincerity as I can. I think I have advanced on the delicate and narrow path of spirituality, that's what I say around me who tell me I am sympathetic listening and filled with love. I did not conciense in this. You have perhaps understand what I say, despite the fact that you have practiced for two years you had to touch education. Some faculties appear during the long years of practice we use a function and disappear when the need is gone, which is a good thing to keep in mind that these faculties are loaned by the Grand Master and are our ours. First Chariji and masters before and after him never been against religions. How to be against religion as the great master makes them, how could we think for a moment that religions are not required for evolution of humanity if the Grand Master made them create by sending teachers at a time given for this. Our respective masters said it is good to be born in a religion but it is good to rise beyond to reach a state where all religions are based. I want to bear witness that I lived and that maybe will surprise you. I traveled to India, I toured India and given a monment sitting in a train, after 14 hours of travel. We were 4 sitting on a bench where there were 6 people, 2 ladies ask me a look so they can sit in reply I digress a little to allow them to sit. The other 4 people were lifted in fury forbidding them to sit because it ├ętaent untouchable. Poor women are left standing still for long hours when they could sit. Spiritual teachers Saha Marg think these kinds of behavior are not brotherly and indeed they must be against it as I myself am a human being in the eyes of the Grand Master to as much value as another human being without distinction sex color race or religion. If you adhered to this kind of behavior I do think that you'll probably still have to live many lives in that religion. Spiritual teachers should also keep away those behaviors as the old man you describe. They are there to radiate and huge radiation emanating from them sometimes surprising consequences, this is not a reason to let it do but pray for those unsightly behavior cease. A spiritual master is the universe and work on the disciples around him is minimal compared with the necessary assistance to the Grand Master in his plan. I have throughout my years of practice where I happened to stay in meditation all day when I was cleaning my evening for minimum 2 hours. So I watched this Master and never really never behaviors of others were interested or diverted me from my goal. When the shock of the love of the great Master flows, everything changes. Everything is explained, everything be cleansed, everything becomes magical. Thank you for sharing your experience, but it's not because you did not achieve the promised goal he must discourage sincere seekers to try and maybe succeed this pilgrimage of the Holy Grail. Namely his love. Thank you.